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Monitor Data Centers with RackBuilder Plus 3D Visualization Software

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LAS VEGAS, NV: IT management solution provider, ManageEngine has announced the release of 3D data center visualization software for large enterprises called RackBuilder Plus. It provides a complete catalog of the data center and the operations between racks, floors and devices saving a lot of time for the enterprises.

For better management of the facility, software also offers real time monitoring of data center devices using 3D visual modeling for identifying their health status and taking necessary steps if required.  

Built on OpManager, the software can keep an eye on 50,000 devices or 1 million interfaces from a single server. It covers the problem where there is no centralized visibility for the organizations into the multiple data centers they run for load sharing. Instead, RackBuilder Plus offers easy-to-use rack and floor builder and identifies the free slots available in each rack as well as the rack space on each floor, for optimal utilization of the facilities in future.

Color codes in the software alert users in case of fault or performance issues and clicking on the faulty device takes you to the particular device.  Administrators can also access these 3D data centers from anywhere, anytime using iPad and other tablets.

“A life-like, realistic view of the data center is necessary for gaining more visibility and managing it better. With RackBuilder Plus, data center admins can create an exact replica of the data center floor with all the racks and devices populated—in 3D. This makes it easy for them to quickly locate a device or a rack,” said Dev Anand, Director of Product Management at ManageEngine.  

RackBuilder Plus lets data center admins to create 3D views of racks and data center floors. All they have to do is just drag and drop devices onto the racks and next onto the floors. It also enables data migration from other data center documentation tools such as Device42 and RackTables.