Galigeo: Providing Cost-Effective Geographic Mapping

Christian Tapia-Stocker, CEO
Established in 2001, Galigeo is driven by a chronic issue that organizations face today— taking strategic and tactical decisions. Galigeo combines geographic mapping, location-related data with key business information residing in Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and enterprise applications. “Our solutions improve Geo- Marketing, Sales Territory Management, Trade Areas Analysis, Resource Allocation, Law Enforcement, and Legal Compliance,” says Christian Tapia-Stocker, CEO, Galigeo.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Galigeo helps organizations to gain critical insights, make better decisions, and optimize business processes and applications. Its web mapping and geomarketing solution— Galigeo, is a map-centric product that enables organizations to understand the geographical context and the location-based relationships that lie within data and gives users tools to analyze and monitor data more efficiently. Galigeo’s advanced location intelligence, geo mapping and geocoding software solutions assist companies in making complex, location-dependent business decisions by representing and displaying business performance data on maps. “Galigeo is very powerful at geocoding and geomapping your data,” states Tapia-Stocker. It is the only location intelligence and geomapping software capable of connecting ArcGIS to BI, CRM, standard data sources, and business data of all types. The connection spans from visual mapping functions to analytical and business features from underlying data sources.

Galigeo recently launched location intelligence maps for SAP Business Objects Design Studio and the SAP HANA platform. The spatial capabilities in Galigeo products can now be used by SAP Business Objects Design Studio and SAP HANA customers, allowing them to generate business-augmented maps to solve location dependent business problems–at the office or in the field–for improved business outcomes. Through Galigio BI’s reports and dashboards, designers get access to a feature-rich set of mapping and spatial analytic tools. It connects users to a broad range of data sources and geodatabases, including an interface to connect to SAP HANA and the SAP Business Warehouse (BW) application, universes for SAP BusinessObjects solutions, mobile HTML5, and OLAP for SAP BW. The solution can be deployed for web browsers or mobile. “Our location intelligence extension for SAP’s offerings will help C-level executives, managers, and decision makers, who need complex mapping capabilities with very simple interactions,” adds Tapia-Stocker.
The company sets itself apart from the competition by constantly investing in innovation. “At Galigeo, we believe delivering effective enterprise-level location intelligence requires an open software platform and involved consulting. We speak of platform because reaching the ‘where’ factor requires a variety of seamless connectors to enterprise data sources,” says Stocker.

Our solutions improve Geo-Marketing, Sales Territory Management, Trade Areas Analysis, Resource Allocation, Law Enforcement, and Legal Compliance

Since its inception, Galigeo is serving the consumer goods, pharma and life science, telecommunication, insurance, and retail sector. A number of companies including some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Heineken, GE Healthcare, AT&T, and Hewlett-Packard utilize Galigeo’s solutions. For instance, a leading global brewery wanted to analyze the reasons for low growth, from a geographical perspective. In support of this analysis, the client needed to acquire a location intelligence tool that would enable them to gain a better understanding of the correlation between sales performance and geographical factors, improving their ability to plan production and forecastfinancial risks. Galigeo’s Geodashboard location intelligence solution integrated with, the company’s CRM tool, and assisted the client in the phases of visualization, decision-making, and action. The result was numerous benefits including optimized sales territory management, reduced financial risks, and improved quality of available geomarketing data.

Moving forward, Galigeo aims to expand its business on a global scale and continue to develop superior products. “No company can afford to remain geo-blind and ignore the value brought by the ‘where’ factor as delivered by Galigeo,” says Tapia- Stocker.


Paris, France

Christian Tapia-Stocker, CEO

Galigeo provides location intelligence by combining geographic mapping, location related data with key business information