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Martin Turvey, CEO
In an era where data is powering cutting-edge technologies and creating new business channels, getting the ‘right data’ on a global scale is hard, especially the geographical data that comprise location and street addresses. Erroneous data is still on the loose, leading customers and products to inaccurate locations that can have a huge impact on businesses. Loqate was established to address this challenge with disruptive technologies. Spearheaded by Martin Turvey, CEO, the company provides geographical information services and delivers unparalleled technology in resolving address issues and geocodes over cloud and on-premise.

Turvey clearly understands the impact that erroneous addresses can have on businesses. “The best analytics will not mean much if the underlying data is unreliable,” he warns. For Geographic Information Systems, having incomplete or incorrect addresses could mean incomplete analysis, inaccurate results and hours of work. Loqate provides them with accurate geographical information that reduces the need for extensive data preparation, parsing, and cleaning.“We process the data in both address verification perspective and also on geographical coordinates; Loqate is a worldwide geocode that you can install on site as well as access through cloud,” claims Turvey.

Loqate looks into the entire processes through an innovative technology suite called The Loqate Engine that encompasses many modules. With error tolerant parsing algorithms, AddressVerify cleanses address-data before geocoding within a GIS application. AddressGeocode is a location reference data that then matches valid addresses to point-level digital coordinates. AddressPowersearch is a real-time search engine which digitizes both address data and geocodes for spatial analysis.

Loqate is the engine behind the international address verification of most of the world’s data quality vendors. By adding the “address” sense to Big Data, company’s tools are built to integrate with products like ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS online tool from Esri. It can be integrated into applications to verify whether the address they look for is accurate—even down to the building or city level.
The company provides its tools by partnering with vendors of GIS, CRM, and Data Management tools; and international distributors like Oracle, IBM, Pitney Bowes, SAS, that sell products integrated with Loqate’s software. Out of many success stories linked to Loqate, the company’s association with Wall Street Network, from the insurance industry stands out. In an effort to assess financial impact of events, the challenge for client was to evaluate whether address verification and geocoding improves modeling catastrophic events. Hurricane Sandy, the second-costliest hurricane in the U.S. history was their subject. WSN ran two scenarios, one with unverified data and another with verified data. The first scenario, using unverified address contained multiple invalid addresses which estimated $28 million in losses in the coastal Ocean County. Meanwhile, the reprocessed event using the same hazard event parameters, but with Loqate’s verified data showed losses for Ocean County, NJ, going down by $5 million to $23 million, showing in an 18 percent decrease—a clear example of Loqate’s efficiency.

Loqate has a worldwide geocoder that you can install on site as well as access through cloud

Focused on delivering best quality, Loqate intends dig more into e-commerce, call-centers and salesforces to provide them with accurate addresses that will help them serve customers better. “Countries around the globe have different addresses of various fashions, that computer applications cannot process,” says Turvey. Loqate intends to tackle this with the world’s largest installable geocoder which has transliteration capabilities for multiple native character sets. With deepest and best source of data address from every part of the globe, Loqate wants to pave a way for new GIS technologies that the world hasn’t seen before.


San Mateo, CA

Martin Turvey, CEO

Loqate provides Geographical Information Services and Address resolving