Tensing International: Developing Geo and Mobility Software for GIS and Mobile Workforce Management

Martin Knook, CEO
Martin Knook, Tensing CEO, is an avid runner and believes that running and GIS have a deep connection. “If running is about changing location, GIS is that magical IT system which can capture the location change from different aspects,” he begins. “Providing this GIS information on mobile devices will ultimately deliver better performance,” he adds. Named after Tensing Norgay, the man who overpowered Mount Everest with his undaunted skill and spirit, Tensing International, a leading solution provider for GIS and mobile workforce management, believes in achieving their client’s objective regardless of the innumerable challenges. “The company was established to support the industry for generating electronic maps with a goal to structure data in an electronic format,” says Knook.

With over 25 years of experience, Tensing develops geo and mobility software with a specialization in international implementations of GIS and mobile workforce management. The company’s main mission is to provide next generation navigation for mobile enterprise asset management. Tensing’s flagship solution, Integrated Workforce Management Suite (IWMS), provides a layer that creates a seamless integration between GIS, CAD and field workers. The information collected will be bundled into relevant sets; with a framework, mobile workers can access this valuerich set of information that has multiple layers like location, technical specifications, control and history specifications, time registration and materials used.

Tensing’s solutions are used by mobile workers for a wide range of applications- electronic work orders, tracking and tracing. However, Knook feels that over the years GIS has become a commodity, where many use it only to find location and nearby information. He also points out accuracy and data distribution issues as the main challenge in the industry. However, Tensing’s solutions overcome these limitations.
Tensing provides utility specific business services and is one among a few firms to provide work order information and asset information on a single platform, which makes them stand out from their competitors. “Our solutions are highly configurable; seamless integration between asset data and work order information make the process easier to monitor. IWMS is designed to work both online and offline, which is another great feat,” explains Knook.

Our solutions are highly configurable; seamless integration between asset data and work order information makes the process easier to monitor

One of Tensing’s major clients was facing problems with their smart grid that generated an enormous amount of information. When an error was detected in one of its control centers, Tensing almost immediately intervened and identified the reason, the after effects, and the solution. “Tensing has a very sophisticated way of managing and enabling the field crew to work efficiently without any barriers. We have found different ways to make the smart grid more effective and made sure that the field workings are on the right track. Our solution helped the firm to manage the center more efficiently and also to maintain them in a more refined way,” says Knook.

Moving forward, the company has plans to develop their IWMS solutions further. “There is a huge demand for IWMS solutions in the Utilities industry and we want to expand in that direction. Today we have clients across the globe and we are looking forward for expansion with the current footprint,” Knook adds.


Rockville, MD & Los Angeles, CA

Martin Knook, CEO

Develops geo and mobility software specializing in international implementations of GIS and mobile workforce management solutions