Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure: Harnessing GIS to Extract Actionable Data

Steven, Cost President
In the present dynamic business world, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are widely utilized to capture, manipulate, analyze, and store insights for spatial analysis derived from valuable data. Contributing to this trend is the firm, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, a part of Hexagon [Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXAB] that helps government and utility service providers access actionable data through GIS solutions. “Around the world, there are governments and businesses that are daring to innovate—to better serve their citizens and customers. With the help of Hexagon solutions, organizations are creating smart organizations, smart cities, and smart nations,” says Steven Cost, President, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

The company offers advanced utility GIS solutions such as the Intergraph G/ Technology, Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works, and Intergraph NetWorks Suite. The Intergraph G/ Technology helps users attain a confirmed source of accurate, location-based information to illustrate their facility network. The connectivity offered by this solutions help users share the information across organizations and systems. The solution utilizes intelligent, rules-driven tools that manage and enhance processes for designing and documenting the network. The Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works helps augment the lifecycle of the civil infrastructure and fiber network management. While the Intergraph NetWorks Suite extends the core capacities of the G/Technology and connects it to the network model.

Additionally, the firm specializes in GIS and geospatial data management by delivering GeoMedia product. The product allows users to directly connect and extract information from a vast array of sources and simultaneously analyze the content. The live data connections enable enterprises to extract better actionable data and make better business decisions. The GeoMedia Smart Client is another agile tool of Hexagon that can be used for deploying map-based workflows for both office and on field. The web-delivered Smart Client architecture is self installing and does not depend on browsers for installations.

With the help of Hexagon solutions, organizations are creating smart organizations, smart cities, and smart nations

Further, the GeoMedia WebMap tool offered by the company helps customers to seamlessly visualize and examine geographic data on the web. Clients can publish high-performance web mapping sites and access other web services with a click of button. The configuration and application creation tools in WebMap eliminates the need of programming and automatically configures the layout of interfaces, and creates user-defined queries and other components to provide direct, real-time access to geospatial data. Another offering of the company— Geospatial Portal, is a multilingual web application that enables clients to find view, analyze, question, and consume geospatial data, web services published by their servers and those of third parties.

In an instance, Hexagon assisted 407 Electronic Toll Route (ETR) which is a privately operated all-electric open access toll highway spanning from Burlington to Pickering. While reviewing the asset management system, the highway concessionaire realized that ETR had numerous disparate software systems that were not integrating data into a central repository. The GeoMedia Smart Client solution enabled 407 ETR to integrate and streamline the asset data and information into a single interface, eliminating the need for paper-based recording. The solution also connected the field operators to a central database via mobile devices and software. With the easy-to-use GeoMedia, the clients were able to generate high quality data in a short span of time.

Hexagon has recently partnered with TomTom, a Dutch firm that produces navigation and mapping products to optimize emergency response performance in the Asia-Pacific region. Moving ahead, the firm is planning to accelerate its GIS solutions to help organizations function effectively and acquire business value.

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Steven, Cost President

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